Who Can Join this Program?

This opportunity for you If you’re in the IT industry and looking for some outside income source and belongs to:

  • IT Sales and Procurement.
  • IT, Network, System Administrator.
  • IT, Network, System Analyst.
  • IT, Network, System Engineer.
  • IT, Network, System Infrastructure engineer.
  • IT, Network, System Architect.

    Or any related to this field can join this program for a part time sales representative without having any working hours’ time limitation. Come and join our Individual Sales Partner Program.

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Part-time IT Sales Executive

If you’re in the IT & Network hardware industry even IT and Network engineering or related to this field, looking for some outsider source of income as well as looking to enhance your supplier list, join the sales partner in IT Innovation Inc., You don’t need to leave your current job, you can join as Part-time Remote IT Sales Executive.


  • Identify the need for IT & Network products in your organization to generate leads.
  • Customer engagement with local resellers, Integrators, distributors, and retailers to convert into purchases.
  • Proactively seek out sales prospects with new customers and consistently provide relevant inquiries to capitalize on sales opportunities.
  • Submit a weekly report of work progress.

The person we are looking for:

  • Must have knowledge of Routers, Switches, Severs, CCTV, or Storage.
  • Must be reliable, responsible, and flexible.

Benefits included

  • Part-time, Remote Job, Flexible Time.
  • Opportunity to earn $10,000+ Commission per month.
  • It is a part-time remote job having an opportunity to a full-time paid job.
  • Totally commission-based job you can earn unlimited in a month.
  • This job has no job time limitation, You can work any time whenever are free to work.
  • Reach the sales target in a flexible style.

Steps To Join Us

1. Registration

Join itinnovationinc.com and apply for our available job opportunities.

2. Online Interview

Resume and relevant work experience attached here with for your reference.

3. Offer

Evaluation results will determine subsequent offer issuance.

4. Authorization

Contract, authorization, and guidance provided for successful work execution.

5. Start To Work

Engage customers, explore local market for inquiries, and boost sales.

6. Customer Makes Order

Assist customers with quotes and contact until order placement.

7. Get Commision

Commission will be based on transaction and released account.

8. Congratulation

Congratulations on your remarkable achievement and deserving!.

Our Specialists Are Waiting to Help You

For general questions, contact us at +1 415-849-0434, +1 213-723-1705 / sales@itinnovationinc.com

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    Grow with It Innovation Inc

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