About Us

About Us

IT INNOVATION INC is a VAR (Value Added Reseller) company that offers technology hardware, software, and enterprise cloud solutions. The company has established itself as a prominent provider of network, data, and connectivity services.

Why Choose Us

Selecting the appropriate service provider can be pivotal in resolving business challenges and accomplishing goals. Partnering with the right company can expedite business growth and enhance competitiveness in the marketplace. Evaluating the business needs and selecting a partner based on defined criteria is imperative. It is equally essential to assess the provider’s skill set, experience, service offerings, and contract terms before finalizing a partnership agreement. With the right partner in place, businesses can concentrate on their core competencies and elevate their operations to new heights.

Leading Fortune 500 Companies

The Company’s vision is to become the leading supplier of networking products and services by consistently delivering exceptional value to customers. IT INNOVATION INC is committed to revolutionizing network deployment and management by introducing new and innovative products based on the latest technologies, and providing exceptional customer service.

Today with the ever-growing industry

Corporate technology requirements for network, connectivity, and storage necessitate businesses to comply with scalability, efficiency, auditing, and regulations to ensure seamless operations. IT Innovation takes charge of managing the entire life cycle of your business, right from procurement to delivery of hardware, software, enterprise cloud, and support services, utilizing the expertise of technical specialists. Through partnerships with leading branded suppliers, our company strives to make it simple, cost-effective, and convenient for customers to meet their requirements and achieve desired outcomes.


“IT Innovation is well-known for its highly reliable equipment used by major telecommunications companies. Now, they offer the same equipment at prices that all WISPs can afford. Highly recommended!”
“I have bought network switches from IT innovation. I am really satisfied with their fast, efficient and reliable service. IT innovation’s user-friendly website, online ordering, and pre-and post-sales assistance make purchasing this equipment a breeze.”
“For the low-latency customer who insists on using best-grade technologies, we only recommend the IT Innovation platform.”

Our Specialists Are Waiting to Help You

For general questions, contact us at +1 415-849-0434, +1 213-723-1705 / sales@itinnovationinc.ca